Warehouse CCTV Installation

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Warehouse CCTV Installation

August 13, 2018 CCTV Installation 0

Part 1 – First Fix

Part 1 – CCTV Installation ‘First Fix’…

The team at SM Computer Solutions have recently started Part 1 ‘First Fix’ of a large CCTV Installation. This will be comprising of multiple CCTV camera technology including the use of Smart Tracking and ANPR.

More to follow…

Outside three of the four warehouses

Inside one of four warehouses

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Smart Tracking…

In summary, the Smart Tracking function is a technology for PTZ dome cameras. This can enhance the effectiveness of the video surveillance system.

This function can detect whether certain people or vehicles require special attention for example bank vaults, hotel corridors, parking garages, etc…

Smart Tracking is used to detect moving objects and follow their movements until they’re out of view.

ANPR Camera Technology…

In comparison to Smart Tracking, Automatic Number Plate Recognition or ANPR is a technology for automatically reading vehicle number plates.

ANPR is used by law enforcement agencies in the United Kingdom to help detect any form of crime that can occur on and around the premises.

These systems are used not only to track the whereabouts of a vehicle and its movements but also to allow authorised access.