Remote Support

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Do you require a Professional Remote Support Service?

Our Professional Remote Support Services offer quick and efficient diagnosis and repairs whether you are at home or at work…

Professional Remote Support helps when it comes to any IT issues that may occur out of the blue. SM Computer Solutions are able to solve these issues quickly and efficiently without causing you any hassle.

We can offer you Remote Support through the phone to talk you through any small issues you have on your IT equipment.

If Remote Support is needed you are able to still see everything that is going on when we remote log on.


Within ten years it is estimated that 40% of all employed people will not travel to a single place of work. More people are working remotely away from the traditional office environment and the effective use of technology enables this.

In order to work remotely, your internet access must be reliable and stable. This means that your communications must be fast and efficient for you to work remotely without any problems occurring.

SM Computers can provide and support you with complete IT systems to ensure that you have a perfect remote working environment. Wherever necessary we can also supply High Speed Broadband and Leased lines to connect distributed businesses and/or remote workers.

In addition, we also supply Hosted Telephony Systems that allows users to work from home whilst ‘appearing’ to be in the office. These Phone Systems have additional features that support remote working.

When it comes to Phone Systems our company has a lot of experience in configuring all portable devices such as: mobile phones, tablets, Blackberry’s etc…to ensure that your company’s data is safe. Smart phones and mobile devices deliver effective mobile communications in the form of e-mails and instant messaging as well as internet browsing.