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Covid 19

How can we continue to keep our clients safe during this pandemic?

It’s easy! SM Computer Solutions are still able to come to your home and workplace using the appropriate PPE in order to prevent the spread of Covid 19 and take the health of our clients into consideration.

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About Our Company…

SM Computers was established in 2005. SM Computer Solutions Business IT Support Services was the brainchild of Simon Massey; He decided to set up an IT Business that caters for both domestic and commercial customers.

Our staff are trained to give as much technical support as possible and can offfer multiple services within the company to ressolve any technical difficulties that you may be facing. We will NEVER recommend something that isn’t required and we will ALWAYS aim to save our clients’ money.

Call today on: 0300 3033 525 for any qestions.

So, What do we do?

Our company is able to provide various businesses with multiple Business IT Support Services such as: CCTV Installations, AV Installations, Alarm systems and Network Installations.

Being a turn-key company; we are able to supply your business with different IT equipment required for these installations. We as a company are also able t introduce you to the latest technology and up-to-date quality products; a main product that we can introduce you to is the new VoIP Phone Systems, these phone systems can save you over 40% on your calls, line rental and any other charges on your existing Telecoms Contract with options to add inclusive call packages.

Thermal Cameras for Fever Screening!

Hikvision’s newly developed thermal cameras can be configured to aid screening by detecting elevated skin-surface temperatures and are suitable for use in rapid preliminary fever screening in Office Buildings, Factories, Railway Stations, Airports and other Public Places, with accuracy upto ±0.3°C when installed and configured correctly for optimum performance with associated equipment. If an elevated temperature is detected, individual cases can be confirmed using thermometers or other clinical measurement devices…Read More



Mobile Sims & Mobile Data Packages

Our mobile Sims are cost effective and flexible however it is only to be used as a business mobile service. This can be managed easily via an Online Management Portal, Mobile Manager.

For more information on this, please contact our members of staff or press the Learn More button below…

Hosted Business Phone Solutions

When it comes to our various hosted business phone systems such as VoIP and SIP or even our own New Phone Systems; we are pleased to offer you the option of adding and removing seats; this means that you get complete flexibility in the amount of users/handsets, thus allowing you to adjust your monthly cost accordingly.

And with our inclusive landline and mobile call packages you could save more money!

Latest Security Software

What can we do to protect you?

Our recommended Anti-Virus Software can protect you and your business from any forms of threats, this includes: Viruses, Ransomware, Trojans, Malware, Botnets, Phishing and even Identity Theft.

Faster and Seamless Wi-Fi!

Move around your property without any worries of your internet dropping out or cutting off. In order to give your property the best amount of signal available please don’t hesitate to contact us to dicscuss what we can do to boost your Wi-Fi strength; We can offer you any advice as to whether you will need access points and/or any other necessaties.

If you think that you need to link two buildings together, this can be achieved providing that there is a clear line of sight, by our Point to Point Link.


CCTV Installation Services

Access your video suveillance system from your mobile phone, tablet or PC to view live or recorded images and receive notifications of all your alarm events. Dual stream support gives you two different views from your IP camera; one in high definition for recording and one in a lower resolution for live display. This saves bandwidth and means that your recorder can display more cameras too!

Richer Sounds Approved Installers

SM Computer Solutions range from mounting your TV to the wall to Multi-Room systems. We can help you to select the right equipment and at the right price for you!


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